Send Free Fake SMS without Showing Number

फर्जी या फेक SMS भेजे इस App से | Send SMS Without Number Yes Hum Bina Number Apna Dikhaye Kisi ko Bhi sms bhej sakte hain ha ye Ab Possible hain or aaj main aapko yhi btane wala hu is video me.

Send Free Fake Sms without Showing Number – Stop paying for expensive cell minutes and text messages. Stop wasting your money and time using calling cards for international calls.

TalkU let you make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and 3G/4G/5G data networks without using any cell minutes. You can save up to 90% comparing to your phone company.

Features of TalkU App

  1. Get local phone numbers for free
  2. Make unlimited calls and SMS messages
  3. Save a lot on international calling and texting
  4. Turn your tablet into a phone
  5. Quality calls between mobile phone and landline

TalkU, the new way to talk, text, and share.

Send Free Fake Sms without Showing Number

To send free fake sms without showing number you have to download talkU app from google play store. than open the app. create your account in talkU with email id. and then tap on chat option click on plus option in the app. and than dial number which you want to Send Free Fake Sms without Showing Number. follow these process to do this.

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Why use TalkU?

  1. Free Calls & Text Message
  2. Unlimited calling & texting between TalkU users
  3. Make calls and send texts to any phone numbers worldwide without payment!
  4. No roaming costs, even when calling from abroad

Cheap International Calls

Call any mobile/landline phone numbers in over 200 countries
Super low rates. Display your phone number when your friends or family receive your calls.

Crystal Clear Calls
Voice calls are transmitted on TalkU’s high-quality dedicated VoIP network
HD voice technologies for superior clarity
Free calls are no longer low quality!

Free U.S Phone Number
A local U.S. phone number that works!
Second line to your phone without SIM cards needed
Turn your tablet into a phone
Receive calls even under bad cellular reception

Amazing Premium Features
Visual voicemail with instant listening
Block unwanted calls to stop spammers
Call screens
Call forwarding to any phone numbers

And Many More
Record phone conversations for future playback
Free group conference calls for up to 8 people
Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie. Push to talk!

TalkU, the best free call & text app ever!

Notes: Free SMS, texts and international calls are between TalkU users only.

  • You can earn free minutes for cheap international calls.
  • TalkU utilizes Internet call (aka WiFi call, IP call, or VoIP call), which requires data connection.
  • Unlike international calling cards, TalkU does not use your cell minutes.
  • TalkU can be used as a call recorder to record phone calls. You must ensure recording phone call is
  • compliant to local and state laws.

Some of TalkU App rates:

  • Calls to United States 0.9 c/min
  • Calls to Mexico 0.9 c/min
  • Calls to India 1.8 c/min
  • Calls to Pakistan 4.9 c/min
  • Calls to Bangladesh 1.8 c/min
  • Calls to Philippines 7.5 c/min
  • Calls to Jamaica 9.2 c/min
  • Calls to Nepal 7.5 c/min
  • Calls to Saudi Arabia 6.6 c/min
  • Calls to Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. From 5 c/min

TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call

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