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Martyr’s Day: Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day and What is its significance?

You'll get to know about Martyr's Day and how is it associated with Mahatma Gandhi, and Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day it every 30th January.

Hello readers, today is 30th January and many of you are confused about what occasion is today. Why is 30th January important and what is Martyr’s Day? This article has all the details about the same. You’ll get to know about Martyr’s Day and how is it associated with Mahatma Gandhi, and Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day. After reading this article you’ll get a clear vision of the same.
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What is Martyr’s Day?

It is observed on 30th January every year in India and holds a memory for all the Indians. It commemorates the sacrifices made by the great freedom fighters who gave up on their lives for the freedom we have today. This occasion plays as a reminder for us of the courage and determination they had in the fight for India’s Independence.

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Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day
Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day

Now, many of you might think that freedom fighters were endless so

Why We Celebrate Martyrs Day? Why do we observe 30th January as Martyr’s Day?

30th January 1948, was the day when Nathuram Godse shot down Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi. This day was shocking for the whole nation and an end to the era. This death brought up a lot of difficulties for India, post Independence. The Martyr’s Day observes a tribute to the death of Mahatma Gandhi Ji the father of our nation. His philosophies helped India a lot in taking back its freedom and Independence and moving towards justice and equality.
Mahatma Gandhi in the hard days of India, taught us how to be self-independent and assured peace.

Honouring the other freedom Fighters.

Martyr’s Day is not just about Mahatma Gandhi, but also for every person who gave up their lives for our Independence. Including, Rani Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Shubash Chandra Bose, and many others. These names are written in golden words in the history of India. Their sacrifices are an inspiration to the future generations.

Significance Of Martyr’s Day.

So many years after, this day is observed to remind every citizen about our great freedom fighters, and how they gave up their lives for us. To ensure the qualities of justice, unity, and equality stay in us forever.

Not only the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in past years but also the army forces and other people who are still doing their job to ensure our safety and Independence. We salute all of these heroes every year. People pay salute to them in schools, and organizations and educate children about them.

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