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Did Virat Kohli Donate to The Ram Mandir, Did other cricketers donated? here’s everything.

We'll talk about did Virat Kohli donated to Ram Mandir. & Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Sachin, Did other cricketers donated? here's everything.

Hello readers, in a recent post we talked about which states donated in the Ram mandir donation drive and gathered some interesting facts about it. This article also addresses the same thing. We’ll talk about Did Virat Kohli Donate to The Ram Mandir. Did Rohit Sharma donate to Ram Mandir? did MS Dhoni donate to Ram Mandir? And finally, did Sachin donate to Ram Mandir??
if any one of the above questions pops up in your mind, here are the answers to the same. let’s read it and find out the real news.

Did Virat Kohli Donate to The Ram Mandir?

As we all know the Ram Mandir’s inaugural ceremony just took place and most of the celebs came to attend it, but Virat Kohli wasn’t there for the ceremony, and social media is full of posts that he has donated 500 crores or 50 crores or etc etc etc.

The real news is that he donated 11 crore INR for the Ram Mandir and its construction. He was so happy for the Mandir to be finally built up at the Ram Janmbhoomi.

Did Virat Kohli Donate to The Ram Mandir?
Did Virat Kohli Donate to The Ram Mandir?

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Did Rohit Sharma donate to the Ram Mandir?

The Indian cricket Team captain Rohit Sharma donated 2.51 crores to Ram mandir, he also shared his happiness and prayed to lord ram. Though he wasn’t present for the ceremony on the 22nd for some personal reasons, he posted on social media about how happy he was for the ceremony finally taking place.

Did MS Dhoni donate to Ram Mandir?

The famous Indian cricketer Dhoni also shared his thoughts on the Ram Mandir ceremony on social media. Though he accepted the invite, he didn’t appear on the ceremony day because of unknown reasons. He donated 3.51 crores to the temple trust.

Did Sachin donate for Ram Mandir?

Sachin Tendulkar who is a famous cricketer and known for his extraordinary performances was also invited to the ceremony of Ram Mandir. He was present with his family for the Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya on 22nd January. He donated 5 crores to the trust of the temple on the spot.

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