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Which State Donated Most For Ram Mandir, Donation List State Wise, Top 10 List, here’s everything in detail.

So after reading this article you'll get a clear view about Which State Donated Most For Ram Mandir, Donation List State Wise, Top 10 List.

Hello readers, Ram Mandir has done its grand opening on 22nd January this year. People from all over the world have celebrated the grand opening of the temple. Many people contributed to the construction and after plans for the Ram Mandir. Now, people are keen to know which state overall has collected and donated the most in the temple. Here in this article, you’ll find all the state’s names lists of who donated the most in Ram Mandir and their top 10 list as well. We have gathered all the important information which was true and needed and then concluded all of them in this article, so after reading this article you’ll get a clear view about Which State Donated Most For Ram Mandir.

According to authorities, the budget set was 1800 Crores INR. let’s see which state donated the most, and what state lists for the donation drives.

Which State Donated The Most In Ram Mandir Donation Drive?

The state which donated most of the amount for Ram Mandir is Rajasthan.
The collective contribution of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Chittor is around 500 crores, which is itself a huge deal.

“we connected to 36,000 villages in Rajasthan where 9 lakhs workers were contacted. 38,125 workers were given the responsibility to deposit the money in the bank. The campaign was monitored from 49 centres in India” said Champat Rai to media.

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List Of States That Donated For the Ram Mandir. here’s a list of the states.

RamMandir’s donation drive was considered the world’s LARGEST DONATION DRIVE ever, as not only people in India but people worldwide participated in the donation drive. In just 45 days, 2500 crores were collected for the temple by 10 crore people.
Here are some states who donated to the drive.

Which State Donated Most For Ram Mandir
Which State Donated Most For Ram Mandir

Words by Champ at Rai.

Ram devotees in every nook and corner of the country have made their contributions. From the northeastern region of Bharat.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh – 45 Million
  2. Manipur – 20 Million
  3. Mizoram – 2.1 Million
  4. Nagaland – 2.8 Million
  5. Meghalaya – 8.5 Million

From the southern states.

  1. Tamil Nadu – 850 Million
  2. Kerela – 130 Million

Top 10 states who donated the most in Ram Mandir.

As of now, no list is given by the authorities, and the data is not totaled yet. Once it gets verified we’ll update you on this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How much does it cost to build Ram Mandir?

It cost around 1800 crores to build the temple, further plannings are still continued.

Q2. Which company constructed Ram Mandir?

L&T construction giant Larsen and Toubro was the company behind the design and construction of the temple.

Q3. Who donated most for Ram Mandir?

Dilip Kumar V Lakhi and his family from Surat donated the most in the temple which is 68 crores. They are well-known diamond dealers.

Q4. How much is collected as a donation for Ram Mandir?

The amount collected as the donation is 3500 crores INR.

Q5. Which trust is in the making of Ram mandir?

Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra is the trust for making of Ram Mandir.

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