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What is Google Gemini App and How to Download it in India & Google Gemini AI App Problem Solutions

In this post we will know What is Google Gemini App and How to Download it in India & Google Gemini AI App Language Not Supported Solutions.

As everyone would know by now, Google has launched its new ChatGPT rival Bard AI with the new name Google Gemini. But Google Gemini app has not been launched in India yet. That is why Google Gemini AI App/Apk is not available in India.

If you try to download it from Google Play Store, you will not find this application on Google Play Store right now, or if you go to download it directly from Google. So you will see “This item is not available in your country”. That is why in today’s post I will tell you, what is Google Gemini AI App? How to download Gemini application in India?

Also, if you are facing the problem of Language Not Supported while using Google Gemini App in India, then how to fix the Language Not Supported problem. I will tell you that also. So to know about all these things in detail, read this post from beginning to last.

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What is Google Gemini App?

Google Gemini is a new type of AI Assistant App. Which helps you by using generative AI to answer all the questions asked by you and to reach you with information of any type of given image. If you say it in simple language, Google has created a new Gemini by combining ChatGPT plus Bing Image Creator. In this you can ask any question, send an image and get information about it. You can get an email written for yourself. Maths problems can also be solved. and many more.

So let us know first of all how you can download Google Gemini AI application in India.

What is Google Gemini App and How to Download it in India
What is Google Gemini App and How to Download it in India

How to Download Google Gemini AI App in India

Step 1. To download it, first of all open the Google app in your phone.

Step 2. Then search by typing Google Gemini AI ApkMirror in the search box.

Step 3. After this tap on the first website.

Step 4. And scroll down a bit, you will find a Download Apk (2.49 MB) button.

Step 5. Then click on Download Apk button to download the app.

Step 6. Then by clicking on download anyway, it will be downloaded to your phone.

Let us tell you how to use it.

How to Use Google Gemini AI App

After downloading the app, go to your file manager and install it. When you open it after installation, tap on the “Get Stated” button below.
After this you will see a problem here, “Language Not Supported“, so let us know Gemini App Not Working solution, how you can fix it and use the Google Gemini app.

How to Fix/Solve Gemini AI Language Not Supported Problem

Step 1. To fix the Language Not Supported problem, first of all you have to open Google Assistant in your phone.

Step 2. Then tap on the profile option.

Step 3. Now you have to click on the language option.

Step 4. And from here you have to select English United States instead of English India.

Step 5. After doing this, now when you open your Google Gemini app, then when you click on Get Stated, your Gemini App will start being used in your phone.

Step 6. Now you will be able to use it just like Chat GPT.

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