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Hemant Soren Arrested, Champai Soren new CM of Jharkhand. here’s the full news.

We will know Why Hemant Soren was arrested, who is Champai Soren, who is the new CM of Jharkhand? & Champai Soren Relation with Hemant Soren.

Hello readers, in recent news we got to know that the current CM of Jharkhand Hemant Soren has been arrested and Champai Soren is to be the new CM of Jharkhand. In this article, we’ll tell you about the same and elaborate on the case. People are very curious to know why Hemant Soren was arrested, who is Champai Soren, who is the new CM of Jharkhand ? and What is the relationship between Hemant Soren and Champai Soren?
Let’s look at all of these things in detail in this article.

Who Is Hemant Soren and why did Hemant Soren get arrested?

Hemant Soren is the CM of Jharkhand and head of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). He was arrested on Wednesday evening after questions of seven hours by the ED ( Enforcement Directorate) for ownership of a land case. He resigned from the post of CM in the morning.

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Who is Champai Soren? Is He new CM of Jharkhand?

He is an Indian politician, now the 7th CM of Jharkhand. Also, he is a member of JMM ( Jharkhand Mukti Morcha) and is the minister of the assembly constituency of Jharkhand. He was also the cabinet minister of transport, SC & STST welfare under Hemant Soren.
YES, Champai Soren is the new CM of Jharkhand, to date.

many of you might have a question of

Champai Soren Relation With Hemant Soren
Champai Soren Relation With Hemant Soren

Champai Relation with Hemant Soren?

They might have a relationship as Champai Soren has a close bond with Hemant Soren and his family.
Specifically with Hemant’s father – Shibu Soren as he supported him a lot during JMM.
Hemant has often seen touching feet of Champai Soren which shows their connection personally.

Let’s see something now about his family as people want to the Background Of The New CM.

Born on 1st November 1956, Champai Soren is a prominent leader known in Jharkhand. People call him as “Tiger of Jharkhand”. He is from an agricultural background.
Champai Soren’s father Simal Soren, is an agricultural farmer from Jillingodda village.
He completed his 10th from a government school and then indulged with his father.
He got married at a young age –
Champai Soren’s wife is Manki Soren and has two daughters and a son.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Who is Hemant Soren?

He was the 6th CM of Jharkhand but resigned on Wednesday.

Q2. Why did Hemant Soren Resign?

He was caught up in a land case and was being questioned for 6 hours as an investigation by the enforcement directorate, which is preferably the reason for the resignation.

Q3. Which party is a government in Jharkhand?

currently, JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha)is the government in Jharkhand.

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